Ivy Felicidad Oandasan

Ivy Oandasan is a Full Professor with the Department of Family and Community Medicine at the University of Toronto. She has actively led national change initiatives to advance health professions education better meet the needs of Canadians. In 2004 she was the primary investigator of an international research team funded by Health Canada to explore Canada’s readiness to invest in both interprofessional education and interprofessional practice. This led to leadership to help implement change in her own province of Ontario and nationally. She then in 2010 began work with the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC), wherein as the Director of Education, she led the implementation of a new approach to Family Medicine Residency Education. The Triple C Competency based Curriculum aimed to better equip graduating family physicians with the competencies needed to work in any community in Canada.  As the representative of the CFPC to the Future of Medical Education in Canada – Post-Graduate Education Project, she was one of many who influenced postgraduate medical education to include a social accountability mandate ensuring the needs of Canadians are placed top of mind and that access to health care by physicians working in teams in all communities, rural, remote and urban, is an important indicator for success. Her  work led to her most recent major national initiative, supporting, developing, and implementing a Rural Road Map for Action to improve Equitable Access to Healthcare for Canadians who live in rural and remote parts of Canada. Since 2015, she has helped to bring together a coalition of national organizations, working with provincial and municipal counterparts across education, practice, policy and research sectors to shine a light on the need for better access to care in rural and remote Canada. To succeed, she has advocated for a new approach, bringing together multiple stakeholders from different jurisdictions and sectors together leveraging both individual and collective roles to advance system change.  
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